Our daughter fell while playing, twisted her foot, and experienced swelling. Concerned, we got an X-ray done to understand the condition of her bone. However, the X-ray showed that the bone was intact. Following the doctor's recommendation, we began applying a hot compress. Two days later, a lump appeared on her foot. The doctor operated to remove the lump and applied a bandage. Despite this, another lump formed, and there was no improvement. The doctor, after examining it once again, suggested consulting a specialist for surgery. During all this, the doctors performing the surgery were not diabetes experts, and they were unaware that diabetes might be the cause.


A story of Abeeha Type 1 Diabetes Patient

My name is Haji Nasir Ahmad, and I am 62 years old. I am a retired government employee. I have been a diabetic patient for six years. Initially, I experienced pain in the toes. For a check-up, we came to Diabetes Center (TDC) Islamabad. After the examination, it was revealed that I have diabetes, which was causing the pain. Since then, I have been taking diabetes medications, practising precautionary measures, and following dietary guidelines from the nutrition department. Sometimes, my diabetes is under control, and at other times, it is not. I inject insulin twice a day, once before breakfast and once at night. The pain in the fingers comes and goes intermittently. The hospital is excellent, and the services are provided satisfactorily. Compared to other hospitals, the diabetes treatment is better here.

Haji Nasir Ahmad

Story of Haji Nasir Ahmad a 62 years old man living with type 2 diabetes

My name is Ata-ur-Rehman. I am 17 years old. I was 13 when I was diagnosed with diabetes. I used to experience frequent urination, and I felt excessively thirsty. I started taking medication from a private hospital, but there was no improvement. A month ago, we came to the Diabetes Center (TDC) in Islamabad. I consulted with the doctor here. They conducted counselling, boosted my morale, and taught me how to fight against diabetes. The result of their medications and guidance is that now my diabetes is under control. My blood pressure has become normal, which used to remain high before. Also, my weight has increased by three kilograms, and my height, which had stopped growing, is now increasing. We are delighted that my health is improving. TDC is an excellent hospital. The services here are the best. I got better here. Other diabetes patients should also get treatment from here.

Story of Ata ur Rehman

17 years type 1 diabetes patients